My husband's wife
Mieheni vaimo

Genre Fiction | Series | Drama
Format HD
Cast Kristo Salminen, Pirjo Lonka, Bruno Baer, Sara Soulié, Ella Kangas, a.m.o.
Author Juuli Niemi
Director Inara Niemi
Production Lucy loves drama
Duration 8 x 45'
Year of production 2021
When a successful businessman is rushed to hospital after suffering a massive stroke, a decades-long double life is revealed: two women appear at his bedside claiming to be his wife and the mother of his child. Within 24 hours, the man is dead of post-op complications, leaving behind a thousand questions, financial problems, and two partners and children who have never known each other. They decide to live under the same roof as a way of saving the inheritances for themselves and their children even though the two women are poles apart in their lifestyles and backgrounds: one is a stay-at-home mum, the other a former go go dancer 20 years her junior. Nevertheless, a unique friendship and dependency begins to develop between the two women as, united in their grief, they discover what it was like to be my husband's wife and also share previously hidden secrets about themselves...