WaPo Berlin
WaPo Berlin

Genre Fiction | Series | Crime
Format HD
Cast Sesede Terziyan, Sarina Radomski, Christoph Grunert, Hassan Akkouch, Melina Borcherding, Marion Kracht, a.m.o.
Author various
Director various
Production Saxonia Media for ARD
Duration 16 x 50'
Year of production 2019 ff
Detective chief superintendent Jasmin Sayed is heading up the newly founded project "Department for Nautic Crime 1 of the Water Police Berlin", short WaPo Berlin, which was recently initiated by police commissioner Alexandra Falkenbach. Jasmin Sayed has put together the ideal team: First, there is Paula Sprenger, a Berlin original and childhood friend of Sayed. Wolf Malletzke, captain of the "Silbermöwe", the calm centre and most senior officer of the team. Fahri Celik, the young gun, always full of energy and high spirits. And, completing the unit, detective applicant Marlene Weber. Further supporting roles go to German capitol Berlin and Stulle, a drug-sniffing dog in retirement that has claimed his spot under the wheel of the "Silbermöwe“. But as motley as this crew may be, they are undefeatable and stick together.