German Crime Story: Deadlock
German Crime Story: Gefesselt

Genre Fiction | Series | Crime
Format HD
Cast Sylvester Groth, Oliver Masucci, Nikola Kastner, Angelina Häntsch, Sebastian Schwarz, Nina Gnädig, a.m.o.
Author Dinah Marte Golch, Max Eipp, Mark Monheim, Michael Proehl, Dirk Morgenstern
Director Florian Schwarz
Production Neue Bioskop Television
Duration 6 x 45', 3 x 90'
Year of production 2022
Based on a shocking true crime that made national headlines in 1992, this prestigious drama serves up a powerful psychological snapshot of a killer and a cop battling it out in Hamburg. A mysterious kidnapping case leads the police to master furrier, Raik Doormann. After finding hidden messages left behind by previous victims, Detective Langenbeck starts to suspect that they may be dealing with none other than the city’s notorious acid bath killer. Single-handedly she launches an undercover investigation and it’s not long before Doorman’s intricate web of lies and deceit starts to unravel...