42 (1) - The answer to (almost) everything - Season 1
42 (1) - Die Antwort auf (fast) alles - Staffel 1

Genre Factual | Science
Format HD
Author various
Director various
Duration 26'
Year of production 2021
What would we be without mucus? Can we live on water? How much does life weigh? Finding out the answers is the aim of ARTE's new science show. In a nod to Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", where the figure 42 is the ultimate answer to all questions, 42 tries to provide the answers.

42, The hidden world beneath our feet
42, Can we live on the moon?
42, Can Algorithms make us healthy?
42, How much does life weigh?
42, Will we move on the water?
42, Should we replace voting with a lottery?
42, What's the secret of light?
42, Where do humans migrate to?
42, What do animals talk about?
42, Why do we need mucus?