Lost in Fuseta I
Lost in Fuseta - Teil 1

Genre Fiction | Series | Crime
Format HD
Cast Bianca Nawrath, Jan Krauter, Eva Meckbach, Daniel Christensen, Filipa Areosa, Adriano Cavalho, a.m.o.
Author Holger Karsten Schmidt
Director Florian Baxmeyer
Production FFP New Media GmbH
Duration 1 x 90'
Year of production 2022
Police detective Leander Lost is a high-functioning autist with a photographic memory. Irony is lost on him and conversations are a challenge, as he struggles to pick up on emotional cues. What’s more, he’s incapable of lying, which constantly undermines his relationships with other people. Lost enrolls in a European exchange program and is transferred to the Portuguese fishing village of Fuseta. When he teams up with local detectives Graciana Rosado und Carlos Esteves to investigate the murder of a private detective, they uncover an explosive web of corruption centering on the local water supply. In addition, the stunningly beautiful Portugese Soraia shakes up Lost's rigorous mental routine.