My life as Lotta - 2. Okey dokey Alpaca

My life as Lotta - 2. Okey dokey Alpaca
Mein Lotta Leben - Alles Tschaka mit Alpaka

Genre Children | Live Action | One Offs
Format HD
Cast Meggy Hussong, Yola Streese, Levi Kazmaier
Author Alice based on a novel by Daniela Kohl and Bettina Börgerding Pantermüller
Director Martina Plura
Duration 90'
Year of production 2022
Lotta's class is going on a trip. And just at this moment, Lotta's emotional landscape is in shambles. Her class just got bigger: Rémi, a French student, has recently joined the class and both Cheyenne and Paul immediately want him to join their circle of friends. But Lotta cannot stand the guy. Why? Because Rémi is so smitten with Lotta that he has attachment issues and cannot leave her alone. And Miss Kackert wants the rambunctious 6b separated for the trip. Meanwhile, Lotta's dad has volunteered to be one of the accompanying parents and now starts flirting… one out of many problems, it seems. There is also Cheyenne's sister Chanell, who disappears suddenly. Is there any connection to the old legend of the poltergeist? Lotta and her friends have to face their fears and work together with their worst enemies to find Chanell. And everything is on the line for them: their friendships, their class, and their family.