My life as Lotta - 1. Bingo Flamingo
Mein Lotta Leben - Alles Bingo mit Flamingo

Genre Children | Animation | One Offs
Format HD
Cast Oliver Mommsen, Laura Tonke, Meggy Hussong, Yola Streese, Levi Kazmaier, Laila Ziegler, Milan Peschel, a.m.o.
Author Alice Pantermüller, based on a novel by Daniela Kohl and Bettina Börgerding
Director Neele Leana Vollmar
Duration 88'
Year of production 2019
Lotta Petermann is eleven years old and being in this family is not always easy. Her stupid brothers are out to get her all day, her father Rainer is mostly grumpy and mother Sabine is on some kind of Ayurveda trip - she even got a job working in the new meditation studio of self-appointed guru Heiner Krishna. But luckily, there is always Cheyenne, her best friend who has Lotta's back every time, even when Lotta and the arrogant Berenike get into a fight. When Berenike decides to have a huge party but not to invite Lotta and Cheyenne, the two of them devise a number of plans to crash the party. But the two BFFs don't quite see eye to eye on this one...